Thursday, July 19, 2012

Suzy Star on The Light Agenda 7/18

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Stephen Cook's guest is SUZY STAR, an 82 years young starseed who is still shining brightly... on this special 80-minute edition of The Light Agenda. Suzy is an incredible lady I met through the2012Scenario website. She has since won my heart - and will no doubt win yours, too. Her life is simply amazing,..

We'll be covering some ground in this interview - from her current full-time work as a '"retiree" creating 250 Creative Communities worldwide, to her incredible life story as a mother of five, punctuated by incidents and emotions few of us should ever face in the one lifetime. It's a lightworker story you are going to want to hear. And, in what could well be a world first, we're even going to be talking extra-terrestrial sex - and orgasms, too. Yes, you read that right: ET orgasms! And so much more!

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