Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Hour With An Angel & SPECIAL EDITION of Cosmic Vision News

"This week, An Hour with an Angel features Archangel Michael. Rather than have a philosophical discussion of an aspect of 2012 Ascension, it looks like we’ll need to survey current events, so much is happening. I intend to ask AAM about who or what is causing the Colorado wildfires and Eastern power outages, whether we can expect coastal flooding in our future, whether such a “Shift” as Drunvalo has been describing is ahead of us, and what we can expect to see around the mass arrests. "
SPECIAL BROADCAST:   CVN planned a special broadcast immediately after An Hour With An Angel.
"This program will be addressing the galactic/celestial response to the idea of 'mass arrests', and the potential consequence this may have in the creation of the Nova Gaia or New Gaia. The celestial realms gently share that the idea of 'mass arrests' has within it energies of negativity and punishment, and these energies cannot and will be sustained as the transition occurs.  The celestial perspective will be offered as an alternative to focusing on 'arrests'."

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