Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Captain's Log #01 "Fighting My Dark Side"

"Fighting My Dark Side"    
      Its finally time I bust out of my shell on this blog, so I'm going to be writing a weekly story about my own path out of 3rd density and how I'm dealing with every aspect of these interesting times. To start off, I was led to these events in April by the Hollow Earth Network after doing a little research on Eduard Albert Billy Meier, and from that moment on I was hooked! I had every ascension/starseed symptom you could think of and every message I was reading was fitting perfectly into what I was going through at the time. Two and half months later of hardcore anticipation for "something" to happen and going absolutely nuts in a cool calm sort of way on how much information my mind was absorbing, I find myself at the very last trials of the 3rd density that I must undergo before I can move on. A couple bad habits have got me at the throat against this fight for the rest of my light. One of my worst habits is a topic the Galactic Federation of Light have spoken many times of before and that's the mind altering substance known as Marijuana.

When I do have the drive, I have the ability to really connect with source and visualize the most fantastic imaginations creation can create and I wonder everyday how much better my life would be if I was at my purest state, without MJ. How much brighter would my light get? I don't do it "anymore" to connect to a more spiritual side of me, now I do it because I'm addicted and it's always around me. I live in a place and time where there's no running from it no matter what you do and it has gotten almost impossible for me to just say no. But I know I have to do anything I can to quit now because it leads me to exercise less, sneak yummy junk food into a raw organic diet and overall lower my vibrations resulting in the dark side of me beginning to slowly arise back out without even knowing it, going back to the past if you will.  I have grown up actually following that of the dark, the darkest I might add,  mostly entertainment and ego and just when I thought I was over all that stuff, Im back actually loving all those things again. I feel like I have a dark entity around me that's not letting me be the best I could be. We hold too much power and the last of the non physical Archons will do anything to diminish that light. They will keep playing these kiddy games until we blast them out of here for good. I feel like I am being attacked with the very little power they have left because they dont want me to spread this powerful light across the globe and they certainly dont want me to be a part of what I am currently involved in but Im going to fight for it!

Writing this, I have found the courage and mite to finally put an end to the dark side of me. These past couple of weeks I have completely acknowledged what I need to do and I believe most people are going through the same exact dilemma with their final trials. Archangel Micheal said to make a list of all the things holding us back, keeping us in the lowered vibrations and I have done just that. I hope everyone is on the right path and is not getting discouraged from what is and isn't happening. I know the fun times are near and these next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting. My light will be growing brighter from this point on and hopefully I can share this light to those around me to speed things up.
Until next time, hold the light and stay true to your beliefs.

Gerardo Gurrola "Warrior of the Light Spear"


  1. I just read your site, and really have compassion for what you are doing! I, myself, fell back into
    an addictive pattern with food,(Cooked),and am,in the same place,as I feel that you are, in finally
    letting go of the hold that food has had on me; I've worked on eating well my whole life,and now
    I am ready to see the truth and lie that I hold on
    to, and move forward to getting back to feeling
    much healthier, and happier with Self and Life!
    I hope this haas been some comfort and inspiration
    for your life, as You, have been to me, by writing
    this confession worldwide, hopefully, it will be
    of help to others who check out your website,too!


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