Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heavenly Blessings with St. Germain on InLight Radio 7/19

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Graham Dewyea interviews St. Germain through Linda Dillon.
We know that Nova Earth will be a more evolved, higher-vibrational paradigm, and that lower-dimensional qualities such as greed, lust, revenge, jealously, frustration, disappointment and selfishness won’t exist.
Join me as I interview ascended master St. Germain on what it was like for him to be human on earth and to transition into the higher dimensions as we are doing now. I'll ask him to share what life looks like and feels like living in the 5th dimension, what we can expect as we enter into a higher-vibrational state where there is abundance, full freedom, and perfect health for everyone. These alone would cause many current human behaviors to greatly diminish it seems to me.

The higher dimensions are often described as peaceful and loving states, but surely disagreements still surface. How is conflict addressed in the higher dimensions? What emotions can we expect in the higher dimensions? How does being in a state of unity consciousness effect communication and how we relate to one another if everyone knows everyone's thoughts and feelings? I will be asking these questions and more and hope you can join us for what I expect will be a fruitful and timely discussion.

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