Friday, July 27, 2012

World Puja-Annette Sassou channels Zorra from Hollow Earth

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Zorra: "Exploring the Hollow Earth"
***Note-Zorra is Colonel Billy Faye Woodards 5th dimensional father.
Zorra of Hollow Earth is inviting you to take a Journey to Hollow Earth.

Through trance-channel ~Asara~ (Annette Sassou), he is sharing valuable information about Hollow Earth and how its citizens are here to assist humanity. Above all, Zorra is sharing the pure Joy and Love of Hollow Earth with you. The energy that is flowing from him has delighted and inspired audiences all over the world.

Here are some of the questions Zorra will be answering in this show:
What is the History of Hollow Earth?
How did this isolation of the surface population and hollow earth happen over time?
What can we do to facilitate a converging of these two worlds and dimensions?
What is Zorra's function and role?
What kind of food do you eat in Hollow Earth?
What can you tell us about the animals of Hollow Earth?
What is your form of transportation?
Do you have a money system in Hollow Earth?
Do people work in Hollow Earth?
Do you have spaceships in Hollow Earth?
Can we visit Hollow Earth?

Come join us on this journey of exploring the Hollow Earth!

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