Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Captain's Log #2 "Is All This A Sick Joke?!"

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Father Panda - I painted this Panda for a friends birthday present 2 years ago, whose father had to go away to
 Mexico and leave his son to be the man of the house, to protect and provide for his family. This painting represents his father nurturing his son as a baby, preparing him for what lies ahead.
Is all this a sick joke? It cant be, I have so much trust in this one for some reason..... If it was a joke, I'd probably throw up. There is too many wonderful people involved that have nothing but the greatest love for humanity. Everyone is working so hard to bring forth this change to our fellow brethren, sharing their love, light, experiences and new age agenda to the world. The evidence is there, the scientific facts and arrests have been entering the mainstream media and everything is starting to come to light, so how can a global change like this one, still be merely a petty conspiracy/hoax? Countless amounts of souls have been dreaming of the new age for eons, co-creating it throughout time. The UFO phenomena is undeniable, the testimonies of whistleblowers, pilots, generals, channelers, contacts and everybody else in the scene is just amazing!, It's all there and tons more is on the way! Also, getting a surprise confirmation message of the first contact announcements by the devinely chosen Pleiadian contact and Cobra, turned me into a 100% believer.

Everything has fallen into place so perfectly and I'm sure that goes for every lightworker out there. Everyone's doing such a great job at keeping and grounding the light, sharing there lightwork and ascension growth with the world. I never thought I would create a website and share this news with the world like this but it kind of just happened and here I am. I got a real quick FLASH in my consciousness to start a blog and name it First Contact: Los Angeles. It feels like someone else was doing the lightwork but it was me all along. I have been getting the impression that I am a walk-in starseed, as I can account for every ascension/starseed symptom in the book and I've been interested in space, aliens and science fiction since I was a child. I've had very vivid dreams on spaceships and so has my partner which BLEW my mind and I have been able to astral travel to an extraordinary extent to where I would fly out of my house several times a night, which made me realize we do have powers! Also, anyone that knows me personally, knows that I have transformed into a whole different person physically and mentally in the last 2 years. My best friends couldn't even recognize me just 2-3 months ago. I look like a new man, physically fit and as young as the sun. :) I have changed for the best and it feels great to be a huge example of ascension transformation for all my friends and family to watch and say "wow". Before I even knew it, I was a different person.

Believing in devine timing and placement has made my life so much easier, allowing me to further free my mind from all the shackles that had us bound up. I believe everyone is exactly where they need to be, in position, on a mission. Waiting for disclosure and running this blog sure does make the time go by ridiculously slow at times. I still have to learn to BE and STAY in the no time zone, in the NOW. But were all hanging in there, one day and a post at a time. I find myself still struggling to be at my purest state, I yearn for it bad but I guess the time will come. I am still held back by habits and old ways. And knowing what I know now with all this information given to us, has affected me to the point where I had so much hate and disgust for a lot of things and it was certainly affecting my up close and personal life this past year. That "red pill" really got to me. But I guess it's all coming to the surface to be cleansed right? These past weeks, I haven't been trying hard enough to reach my inner self and be all that I can be, even though I already AM all that I AM. Sometimes you just want to say screw you and not have a care in the world because at times, this life sucks! So you get kind of lazy in being pure. I'm talking on a grounded 3d level which is very hard to reach and KEEP the highest state of purity in balance. But all that is about to change with a relaxing vacation to Mexico tomorrow.

It is my perfect chance to get away from it all and go within. I believe I will be visiting some pyramids but I don't exactly know which ones yet. I have always dreamed of seeing the pyramids in my homeland and now I hope my dream will come true. We have all been very patient and I just know we are in for many surprises when we least expect it. We weren't led here for nothin!, is what I always say.

I sure hope I don't miss anything awesome while I am away and I will try posting the news and Intel by any means necessary while I am on my trip, just not as buried in it like I have been these past 3 months. Everyone needs a little time off from all this anticipation to go deeper within, let it FLOW. I am of course extremely excited for disclosure and the Galactic Federation of Lights' messages from Greg Giles about "PROJECT 1 AND CHOOSING OUR PICKUP LOCATIONS" It really resonates with me, as I feel this is something I must do. I feel like I have been subconsciously preparing for these types of projects, physically and mentally.

I hope everyone is going outdoors as much as possible and getting enough sun! Sitting on the computer all day waiting for the news is not fun, well... sometimes. :)

One Love

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