Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Petition for Mass Arrest disclosure by the media

Show your support for the men and women of our worldwide media and respectfully request that they tear down the wall of the cabal imposed media blackout and break the story of the mass arrests that are currently underway in full force of the members and associates of the criminal cabal who have conspired to sicken, impoverish and finally imprison all of humanity.
To all the courageous men and women of our worldwide media; we, the people, respectfully request that you now begin to cover and report the ongoing arrests of the many members and associates of the criminal ‘cabal’ who will now face justice for their crimes against humanity. We, the people, stand by you arm in arm and offer our support to you in every way that is possible. We thank you tremendously for your courage and your determination to do what it is that is right, what is just, and report this earth changing event to the people who deserve to be informed of what is the most significant event in human history.

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