Friday, July 13, 2012

Identities of Earth Allies in Charge of Cabal Arrests 7/13

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According to information released by Pentagon and military insider Drake during a recent radio broadcast updating the progress of the mass arrests of the members of the criminal cabal, the following is a list of military and law enforcement groups in charge of these arrests and the jurisdictions they are working in throughout this cleansing process.

United States: Positive and constitutional US military troops.

Canada: Positive military troops teamed with members of Interpol (International Police), a global law enforcement organization operating in 190 countries.

Australia: Positive military units teamed with Interpol.
Europe: Interpol, teamed with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is an intergovernmental military alliance.

Asia: Interpol, teamed with the White Dragon Society, a positive Asian alliance first introduced to western society by researcher and reporter Benjamin Fulford.

Latin America: A certain positive group with membership all throughout Central and South America, whose identity cannot be revealed at this time due to security concerns.

Africa: Due to the complexities of countries, territories and sovereignties within Africa, many with ties to European countries, the arrest procedures on this continent will receive special assistance.

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