Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Hour With An Angel on InLight Radio "Galactic children; Disclosure update 7/30

Helena and Zira from the Neptune ship discuss their roles working with children as education coordinator and teacher respectively. Archangel Michael joins us at the end to speak on Disclosure activities. Linda Dillon channels. Interviewed by Geoffrey West. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

Helena describes education in the higher realms as more interactive, kinetic and playful, with the focus on the whole child and with education developed for each child individually. Healers, scientists, explorers and others assist with educating. Helena works with children from many different cultures. She speaks to how education on earth is 20% educational and 80% control. They seek to provide a balanced curriculum for children to help foster enlightened, kind, loving and understanding beings. Ethics are taught around the use of mathematics and advanced science. Educational approaches are generated through consensus.

Zira works with children 5-10 years old. Children know several languages including the universal language. There is movement involved with learning as children learn much better when they are moving. They don't pigeon hole them as we do on earth based on a child's abilities or interests. Any emotions impacting the learning process is dealt with immediately and openly. There is no need for discipline policies. Behavior problems don't exist.
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Archangel Michael tells us to keep truth and discernment alive, continue to shift away from judgment. The galactics have been given the green light to arrive on earth. The UFO's seen at the Olympics are from the Galactic Federation. Things are unfolding very rapidly.

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