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Hollow Earth Network Newsletter 7/12

(From Anne DeHart on
Hi Everyone,

Well, I just changed the date on this newsletter for the third or fourth time! I think I have it said, wait for the next day to edit ... and va-voom! New info!
I believe this is a very important newsletter, for several reasons.
1. We have finally arrived at the pivotal point we have been waiting for, and we seem to be in lethargy.

2. Once this newsletter is published, I will have that open window I've been waiting for to train myself and post the audio clips I have promised both you, and Ashtar.

3. Our new website has about "arrived." It has taken a little time to "become," but I think ... I hope ... you are starting to feel at home with it and are learning your way around. Soon, I expect it to be an "addiction" to our readers and I feel it has arrived just in the nick of time.

With my hand on the pulse... I ask... "Where IS it??"
"Is anybody out there???"

You know, we are learning a lot about human emotion. There is nothing like building people up to a specific deadline with high expectations... and appear not to deliver; or, change the game plan, or discredit valuable sources

From earlier versions of this newsletter,I just deleted hours of discussion, which, two days later has become more condensed in my mind. Let me make my fourth try at this and see if we are all on the same page ....

First of all, I believe we must acknowledge our own human frailties and not expect so much of ourselves. We have not yet fully awakened and recovered our full consciousness. Then, when we get hit with two scenarios, in our simple human thinking, we think one must be right and one must be wrong. 3D thinking! So finite!

Of course, I am talking about the sudden announcement of containment. This has rocked many a ship, including Steve Beckow's who received this information from Archangel Michael a week ago Monday. Then comes the philosophical considerations, weighing the differences between containment and mass arrests. Again thinking there can be only ONE right answer!

Next, comes the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command announcing arrests and a call to our media to step up and announce these events.

And as the Galactics report of these arrests we find they have none of the "3D violence" that has suddenly become associated with the term "arrests." There has been no more violence with the arrests than with the containment scenario. They both render the individual unable to disrupt our society ... those arrested are dealt with much the same as those contained ... being told they are no longer free to wield their havoc and it is time to mend their ways. Rehabilitation is applied in a positive way in both scenarios. One is visible to the media and one is not visible. And that's about it. If we don't have visible arrests we have no media communication with the masses. This is key to the awakening.

The bottom line is ... we are underway! And we are right on schedule! And we shouldn't be so fixed in our expectations that we can't appreciate that there is more than one way to get the job done. Simple.

So that takes care of what we thought were delays in rounding up the cabal and ... a new way of gathering these guys up. Both work. Both are non-violent. Both are being done right now, on schedule. We just need our media to get back to truthful reporting, like in the good old days.

What we are lacking, right now, is participation by our media! The events are there. We need media validation!

And the third thing that has again been brought up, as has happened so much in the past ... this question about if the surface of Earth must be cleared by us so that Mother Earth can have her cleansing. And the worst part of this question is when one channel actually accused those who supported this as wanting to incite fear. Oh my! Talk about 3D considerations!

I don't have any fear, and most who I know do not. This is an exciting adventure where preparations have been made to provide safe zones from which we can also watch this gala event! All this talk about "catastrophy" and the "destruction of Earth" ... well, to quote my last and final email from Billie/Zorra when I sent them this channeling ...

That's because many people are still in their 3rd dimensional thinking, Anne. As Zorra says, "Wait and see what happens." This is our last email to you ...

May Harmony Peace Joy Laughter and Healing be with you always

And folks, it is just as simple as that. In this same channeled message, several times it quotes us moving into 4th dimension "around the end of the year." It talks about us still being in 3rd dimension. So ... of course this is reflecting a 3rd dimensional viewpoint. All of us who have had the honor and benefit of Zorra's knowledge know that Earth entered 4th Dimension in 2006.

We have been told that as the year moved on, we would get lots of conflicting information. And that is why Zorra came back for one last visit with us on June 6th. And what did that message say? Zorra said, "This is to set the record straight..." and hereconfirmed in no uncertain terms all that he had been telling us for the past year about Emergence, Disclosure, and ... The Gathering. Nothing changed!

So all is well. All is just as it should be. And we had all better get back to the most important work we have to do: RAISE OUR OWN VIBRATIONS ... AND KEEP THEM THERE!

The more we keep looking at this and at that ... comparing ... thinking there is only ONE answer ... one must be right and one must be wrong ... we are definitely slipping back into 3D!! There are events underway that far exceed our human brain capacity to understand. And that is not our work. Our work is to hold our vibrations high. That ONE accomplishment will assure our transition to 5th Dimension. So why do we think we have to complicate things? 3D! 3D!

Folks, we had better start giving more thought to TIME LINES! We had better start considering that maybe ... just maybe ... there is MORE THAN ONE FUTURE. We may magically find that each of us gets the future we can believe in! We must let go of this fixed 3D viewpoint!!

Okay ... I feel good about this, and I hope you do, too.

So What's New???
Oh boy ... LOTS OF THINGS! Have you been following the latest postings?? Let's see if I can summarize...

Click on the heading here and you'll find a real treasure of Zorra. Just what the doctor ordered! This has a link to Zorra's last message through Billie ... when he came back to set the record straight ... to remind us about misinformation and disinformation! This is a great call ... it summarizes everything and answers all of our questions. -- And there are also three email responses to some of the last questions people emailed Zorra. Such good information!

There is also a reference to the next call by Zorra which will be channeled through Annette Sasou on July 27th. So keep an eye on this link!

Some of the latest postings to this page (click on heading here) include a great article I accidentlaly found from Europe ... showing the German police removing their helmets and marching with the citizens against the Rothschild bank!

Keep a close eye on this link on the Hollow Earth Network website.

Folks, there is a LOT happening around the world that is not delivered by our US media; even YouTube information has been removed!

I just posted some amazing information on this page that we are very fortunate to have! Check it out!

Remember, this page is hard copy press releases showing our progress in shedding ourselves of the oppressors. Watch it!

And there is also a wonderful link here to breakthrough technology TO CHANGE OUR WORLD. Literally. The Good Guys are stepping up!

INSTANT CONTACT This is a heartbreaker. Last week, as I went in to post a new contact, I found that just about the WHOLE LIST of people, worldwide, who had registered to represent their area ... was LOST! Gone! And by that time, it was too late to recover ... so, all of your names are gone! Just when things are starting to happen and we want first-hand reports!

So.... I must pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again!! Please ... send me your


and I'll get busy with a nice fresh list!

YOUR MISSION AND PURPOSE? Michael Ellegion will be giving three workshops at Mt Shasta regarding channeling and UFO's, and will also be scheduling personal 90-minute readings regarding your life's Mission and Purpose. Click on this heading for more information.
Our New Website!
It has taken a lot of trial and error, but I believe we have another happy website! And isn't that banner just beautiful? We were fortunate to have Chooi Chin Goh, a highly skilled graphic artist and a Hollow Earth Light Worker, create this for us. And if you'd like to thank Chooi Chin, just go to theContact Us page and click on her email link. Thank you CC!

Before building the new site, I talked to Ashtar about creating a new website so that we did not fill up the Hollow Earth Network with off-world news. And although he never gives advice, he did say it would be a good thing. So, now we have it!

Here we will find all the messages from off-world: Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, our own star families, and under Messages, some very special words. I think you will enjoy Blossom Goodchild's latest message. We can relate to her questions and I believe the answers she got were very appropriate to our own questions.

OUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK Our most important work, before anything else, is to raise our vibrations and keep them there!

Rather than read this and read that until we are so confused we don't know what to think ... let's make sure we are ALWAYS FEELING GOOD! That means our vibrations are UP! If we get into something that starts to worry us and pull us down ... get out! We cannot afford to indulge in low, heavy vibrations!

We don't need to sort out all this confusion ... we aren't smart enough ... not until we get our vibrations up! There is only one place where we are absolutely SAFE, and assured we will be able to enter 5th Dimension ... and that is... LOVE. Love the flowers, the animals, the clouds, the sky, the music, the neighbors, the family... stay in LOVE. We must avoid criticism and condemnation ... and we have no right to judge another. Our business is to stay in LOVE and stay HAPPY. That is our passport to 5th Dimension!
Let us gratefully apply all of the good information Zorra and Billie paid such a price to bring us. Look on our Resource Page, Raising Vibrations Page, andHealth Program Page! Zorra even utilized Billie's body to leave us a video demonstrating the technique of raising our vibrations. Let's do this daily! Once we catch on, it is easy. We have also been taught about diet, etc. THESE are the things we need to keep our focus on! We only have five months, folks!!

For each of us, there is only ONE plan ... for the next five months ... and that is to do ALL that we can to RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS! The vibrational frequency we resonate in December will determine thousands of years of our coming lifetimes.

About the "Who is right and who is wrong?" WHO CARES, one way or the other? WHY keep shaking the tree looking for bad apples? What can we do about it ANYWAY? These kinds of messages are called "Distractions." They take our attention away from being the joyous Beings we are here to be! They confuse us until we don't know what to believe and DOWN go our vibrations!

We don't need it! Zorra told us he has left us with all the information we need to successfully make it to and through Ascension. The information is here:
Raising Vibrations
Health Program

By the way ... did you know that the largest selling drugs are... ANTI-DEPRESSANTS??

Something better than these mood altering drugs is Laminine ... brought to us, as Zorra said, by the Agarthians. Laminine has been proven to raise Seratonin levels 50%. And Seratonin is known as the "happy hormone." Most people are found deficient in it, and so ... the big industry of anti depressants!!

Do you know anyone who is worried, fearful, nervous and anxious, depressed ... stressed? How nice for them to let go and just relax with this wonderful whole food product: Laminine. Click on our Health Program up above.

The first day we heard of this, Zorra was telling us that it raises our vibrations, raises our level of consciousness, gives us clarity and focus, peace, confidence, and calmness. If our body is lacking in Seratonin, it just cannot force itself up to the high vibrations. That is why the Agarthians influenced the developers to create this "happy" food.

How do we know if we are in high vibrations?
High vibrations come with happy thoughts. So, if something pulls us down, we know our vibrations have been lowered. That is not where we want to be! So... let's take ourselves to

Today's Inspiration page.

You guys have shared so many uplifting pieces here. Each one takes us back up to our high, happy vibrations again! In fact, when I finish this, I am going to post a prayer that has brought me through many a trial. It is St. Francis' Prayer for Peace. It takes our focus off of our own little problems, and up we soar!

I do love you all. You know that. And as I said before, Zorra knows me as Galaxia.
Ashtar knows me as an Eagle Commandress.

And you all know me as.... the creator of the
Hollow Earth Network (HEN)

Yes... I guess I am Mother Hen, and I don't want anything negative to happen to any of you!

We are all in this together, and it is my intention to see that it is a fun and happy ride for all.

My love always,


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