Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Hour With An Angel on InLight Radio 7/23

An Hour With An Angel takes a little break from connecting to all the ‘movers and shakers’ of the galactic and celestial realms to reach out to an ‘everyday’ galactic team members.
Linda Dillon channels Phalia, a healing technician and Serenia, a science officer - both Pleiadian and both serving on the Neptune ship. Interviewed by Geoffrey West. Produced by Graham Dewyea.
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Phalia discusses what an average day looks like for her and her family, including her 2 children. She speaks to the emphasis on balance between work, home and play and how she takes ample time for family and social time. She talks about replicators for nourishment, how eating is optional, how their homes are very comfortable and unique upon the ship and that the ship is very safe for her kids to roam and explore. She describes her work as a healer and how work in the higher dimension is very different than work on earth because they love their work. She describes the healing station she works at, how humans are coming aboard ship to get healing and how crystals, light and frequency are important healing components.

Serenia talks about quantum physics and different levels of science application and understanding. She is part of a team that analyzes soil and water from the earth to see what micronutrients can be provided to assist earth. She also talks about working to help irradiate major diseases on earth. She speaks of communication and how we have a great deal to learn about communication and consensus. She mentions that the communication technology that will be made available on earth will be free to everyone. She talks about how she relaxes and takes time for fun.
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