Sunday, June 24, 2012

***Update 7/5 World Liberation Event: Operation First Contact: Los Angeles

***Update 7/5 - Cobra and Pleiadian contact on board. Location confidential until removal of the Cabal. More contacts and Intel on the way.
This is an event for the awareness of world liberation.
 Connecting starseeds/lightworkers and all of creation to unite together as a beacon for the victory of light. This is an attempt to awaken as many beings as we can just in time for the coming unfoldments. We hope to gather the masses for a public hearing on world liberation, ascension, disclosure and first contact by anybody with a loud voice that wishes to participate. It will take place in the central Los Angeles area as soon as possible. An outdoor location full of love and creativity would be ideal for a public conference of this nature. This is not an easy task but it has to start somewhere and now! We will need all the help we can get to organize this and spread the word through any means necessary. If anyone wants to connect or have any ideas for such a gathering, feel free to do as you please. This gathering is for the good of creation, hoping to help with disclosure and ascension plans. We aim to spread as much light into Gaia's grid as possible and hopefully this movement can start happening in regions all over the world. 
 United we stand
 Creation is yours.
Thank You

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  1. Hello there!

    For the last 4 or 5 months, I have said over and over, " It is time to start
    "Occupy TV Stations" movement. A very friendly and peaceful group showing up near a TV station, only for a day, or just for a few hours.
    The next day, it's in another place. Sooner or later, they (the group) will get THE attention. I think this will give you an idea, and then you can do it your way.
    Congrats on your site. May it fulfill all your dreams.


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