Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Hollow Earth Network sister site

(reposted from HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK's newsletter 6/18 by Anne DeHart)

"I have a present for you... coming up.  I am in the process of opening a new website.  It is not published yet, but the name will be:

I have been feeling, for some time now, that our Hollow Earth Network has been digressing and getting covered up with all the latest releases regarding upcoming Disclosure.  Yes, this information is needed and needs to be published, but I believe it needs its own identity.  As we move into Emergence, we will have many news releases from Zorra and  Adama from Hollow and Inner Earth.  And our HEN should be reserved for that.
So, this is my plan...
I have had a total of four Michael Ellegion readings. Ashtar was on each, supported by other Galactic and Inner Earth Masters.  The last two were February 10 and May 25.  As I listen to these last two recordings, benefitng by the supportive encodings, I get so excited thinking "What a shame all this info is being wasted on me!  Others should have the opportunity to hear this!"  And so, these live transmissions will be posted on  I have cleared this with Ashtar and we will have, from time to time, his updates.  We will also hear from Lord Rocan from Arcturus, Lady Virgo from Shamballa, Inner Earth, and from Commander Korton, from Ashtar's Communications Center on Mars.
But I need your help.  As I grow in my website expertise, I am now confronted with editing these audio CD's.   I have uploaded Audacity software and ripped the two cd's and have them filed in Audacity.  It is now time for me to learn the fundamentals of audio editing!  Anyone out there who can help?

My tutoring should be simple:  just clean up the track as it stands and extract individual clips for specific postings. 

So, I won't be a time-waster; and I do need to learn quickly.  I will await offers."


  1. Congrats Anne! The site will be awesome :) I can't help with audio, but I can assist in other ways if you need help. Love & Light dear sister!

  2. :) Im sure she'll be delighted to have some support. Heres her email address


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