Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Talk 2012 and Beyond on InLight Radio 6/26

."This Tuesday will have Dave and Sierra discussing how to talk about ascension, disclosure, the mass arrests, etc with family and friends.  Join us as we learn from each other to deal with this senstive topic. 
In Light Radio introduces its first live call in program that lets the listeners ask the questions.
Dave Schmidt will be hosting various guests every Tuesday at 6 pm Pacific Time for the readers/listeners of The 2012 Scenario blog site.
 Dave’s co-host on the program will be Sierra Neblina. You may have heard her a few months back as one of Graham’s guests on “Our Galactic Family.” Sierra brings and extensive experience of co-hosting a radio program with her partners on the Starseed Hotline.
We look forward to great interaction with our friends.
So, Let’s Talk, as see where this takes us together as we venture into 2012 and Beyond."

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