Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's Talk 2013 & Beyond with Sierra Neblina and Dave Shmidt - Jan 29

Dave and Sierra will discuss a channeled message fron Lord Metatron entitled "Ascension and Transmutation" by FatherMothr God.

It is posted on the Galatic Free Press site and can be found here:

It is a 14 page description of the practical and logistical process of ascension. In Dave's opinion this is the best practical description of ascenion he has seen so far. It describes the process of Gaia's and humanity's ascesnion, the levels of development and what we can expect over the next couple of years. Call in and join the discussion.

Let's Talk 2012 and Beyond is an interactive radio show where you can call in to ask questions that pertain to the ascension, disclosure, NESARA, and the Golden Age of Gaia. Join Dave and Sierra weekly for insights on this most important time in human history. Dave brings his years of experience in ministry and time as a State Senator, and Sierra brings her Walk-In and Galatic perspectives. Join us live with your questions or listen to our archives during non-live hours.

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