Friday, February 1, 2013

Cosmic Vision News on InLight Radio - Feb 1

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1. Prosecution Presents Case At International Tribunal For Crimes of Church And State
2. Canadian Government Ordered To Release Files on First Nations Schools
3. Roman Catholic Archdiocese in L.A. Releases Files of Abuse By Priests
4. Asiacell Initial Public Offering on Iraq Stock Exchange: Possible Sign Of A Revalued Currency?
5. French Employment Minister Embarrasses President: Country Is Bankrupt
6. Zimbabwean Government Also Bankrupt: USD217 In The Government Account
7. World Economic Forum: Comments From Icelandic President
8. Irish Town Rebels Against Government Bailout Deal And Austerity Cuts
9. Articles About The World Economic Forum And How Humans Are Enslaved To The Banking System
10. The One Peoples’ Public Trust: CVN Response To Requests To Cover This Story
11. Netherland Queen Abdicates Throne To Crown Prince
12. Disclosure: WEF, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and Disclosure
13. Disclosure: Sirius: The Movie Coming In Spring 2013
14. HEALTH NEWS: Dimensional Fatigue And The Power Of The Heart15. No Final Words Tonight – but a meditation for peace, love and harmony.

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