Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hollow Earth Network Conference Call w/ Nancy Tate - 10/6

This exceptional call began with updated Ascension Tour information. Jane asked Zorra about RV time discrepancies, his observations in other countries, media limitations and Disclosure. Zorra brought in Sananda, also known as Jesus, and the call continued with questions and answers... answers sometimes from Zorra, sometimes from Sananda. We learned our part in Disclosure. To support your contacts with our beautiful free Hollow Earth business cards, send a self-addressed envelope stamped with $1.95 postage to Anne DeHart, P O Box 4841, Tubac, AZ 85646. I will fill it with 25 or more free cards and send to you. US Government today? "Anti-christ," satan, demons, devils? Obama and Disclosure. How to help small children through Ascension? How relate to family members not yet awakened? If you cannot visualize?? - Meditate?.., or move and FEEL? Prosperity funds, debt forgiveness? Galactic Federation of Light on all dimensions? WHERE IS GREG GILES? Importance of Crystal Skulls? Who are the "144,000?" How dark is Earth's sister planet on which some will continue??? Releasing emotions through pain. Zorra/Sananda's Healing Pulse. The Crucifixtion was "a dance!" ~ A truly exceptional call that left many in tears. - Welcome Sananda!

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