Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cosmic Vision News + Extra Broadcast on InLight Radio

1. Iranian PM addresses the UN – news and commentary
2. Israel False-Flagging Iran and Netanyahu losing control
3. Cabal Controlled Media Losing Its Audiences
4. Julian Assange Declared Enemy Of The State; Addresses The UN
5. Meet The Poorest President (or the most generous) In The World
6. Disclosure News This Week:
  i) “I Know My Galactic Family Is Here” video subtitled in 10 languages
 ii) List of countries disclosing their X files.
iii) 22SEP presentation at Nat’l Atomic Testing Museum – Military UFO Secrets Revealed.
7. Interview With Mehran Keshe – Keshe Foundation
This was one very unusual interview. I honestly do not know what to make of him – but you’ll have to decide for yourself.
1. Israel’s Netanyahu Forced To Back Pedal On US, In Face Of Possible Obama Re-election.
2. Earth Allies – A Little Bit Of Information About Them
3. Keshe Interview Part II – UFO’s And Our Galactic Families
4. Panel Discussion: Leaders, Possible Changes Within Them, And How To Reconcile Past Indiscretions Against Humanity – Discussing Ahmadinejad

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