Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keshe Foundation - Interview with Mehran Keshe 9/2

The Keshe Foundation Promotional Video
(A must watch)


  1. Hi Gerardo!
    I want to thank you, because YOU did something very good to me.
    If you already checked my comment from yesterday (under Greg's Sept.2 message), you know what I said. Because that was the impression I was getting from their messages.

    This morning I got the urge to check his blog. And the one from Augst. 31st!!!! O M G!!!! Just shocking!!!! I had to re-read re-read, and go -WHAAATTT?!!! Not that We don't know about this stuff, it's just because-
    WE never think IT COULD HAPPEN TO ME/YOU/US!!!
    Excited by that HISTORICAL message (again-thanks to YOU), I started reading the last 4-5 messages too. And I'll keep doing so...

    Thank YOU again!

    By the way, have YOU checked Drake's message from yesterday?

    May LOVE and LIGHT be with you forever!!


  2. Wow, the august 31st message is one of my favorites as well. I've been wondering about Greg and thought just who the heck is he? Then he started coming out with a couple personal messages which caught my attention. Some of his latest messages were kind of weird, like the one where some personell from the ship tampered with the communication devices and sent wrong information through Greg. And the one from the Commander which some people thought was too harsh. I want to have faith in this channel, so well see what happens.
    I havent been listening to Drake for a few months now but I will give him another try.


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