Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hollow Earth Network Conference Call 9/1

No call next week as Billie and Jane prepare for cross-country tour. Billie (Zaraya) tells of unique experience during last channeling with Zorra. Billie was free of his body with no silver cord! Saw even MORE ships arriving for our Big Event ... more than he could count! ArchAngel Michael says 90% are ready for Ascension! Chemtrails greatly diminished: blue skies! Coming up to Ascension in a rapid way, ZORRA: Energy at Solstice will be quadrupled of today's. You are in for a heck of a ride! Ascension is emminent. More craft decloaking and coming to eye level. Cross country travelers will see them. Watch the skies, cameras ready! We are entering a High Unity Consciousness, departing the 3D Duality Consciousness. We are in 11th level of 4D, going rapidly to 12th level 4D. Current Ascension Symptoms: detox - stomach upsets - digestion - lucid dreams - astral travels - high energies permeating our bodies and are more aware of our surroundings, the beauty, our speech more loving... soon catapult entire being into Oneness for all. Our sons, brothers, husbands will be coming home from Iraq. As Ascension comes nearer, wars cease. Ascension is gradual now, but will soon move into high gear. Cleaner skies mean less illness. Our ability to clear chemtrails, tropical storms. New Orleans Category One storm reversed to tropical storm. Katrina was directed to New Orleans by our governbmemt: HAARP, which was an ancient technology discovered in Atlantic and revamped. Agarthians shut down this "storm director." Gone! Over! Cabal losing ground and control next days, weeks. People's veils falling away and see goernment as they are. An improved government before Ascension. Earth's sister-planet identical to Earth; where our remaining 3D will go. Why we won't miss them, or they miss us? Holograms! Earth people now on ships being trained for using their technology. Sea walls 1-inch thick, done in less than 1 hour! They are preparing for us... lots of us! Hollow Earth, Galactic Federation of Light, Telos Council of 12, Shamballah. All meeting, to prepare for our Ascension. Our housing. The big Andromeda vessel in southwest sky ... triangle ... no stars can be seen within triangle. Elenin's "second sun?" After Disclosure; before Ascension. Ascennsion "between now and December 21." Steve Olesky's trip to Hollow Earth. Definition of Source Creator, Supreme Creator, Elohim, Jehova, Allah, Lesser Gods. No clouds in 5D? Plants watered from beneath. All HAARPS built on zippers .. Mother Earth expanding ... HAARPS will be swallowed weeks to come. Garden of Eden is in Hollow Earth. City of Eden (as seen on website banner). Noah's "deluge" was only in one section of the planet; the flood was not global. Cloud cover created oceans. Q & A: Healing happens when doubt & fear are gone. How Sananda/Jesus healed. Have your vibration workshop out in nature; encircle a tree and let it teach you. Billie Miers in Switzerland is in direct contact with Pleiadians. Bad candidates for President; Interim President? "Obama - He is in contact with ..." All of Australia, New Zealand, Easter Island is Lemuria. Gives complete outline of Lemuria. Caves in Outback connect with Telos. Those in 3D on Earth's sister planet will have anoher chance at Ascension after Mother Earth Ascends. Zorra's Healing, supported by Glactic Federation of Light, Council of 12, Telos ... Reports of healing experiences.

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