Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hollow Earth Network Conference Call w/ Colonel Billy Faye Woodard 8/25

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Billie/Zaraya updates us on his and Jane's extended stay on the surface - Appreciation is given to those who have donated to their cost of living fund, since they had just given their own funds and assets away to those in need - The Power Rod, an ancient science tool that will soon be available. What does it do for people, automobile engines, animals, plants, weather management and chemtrails? - The triangle of stars that can be seenn in southtwest sky is a huge ship from Andromeda, several thousands of miles across - The 75% eligible for Ascension has now grown to 90% (but they don't all know it yet!) - Will we experience a deep loss of loved ones? - How today's energy shifts are affecting us - How long will Ascension take? - How to manifest - Troops will return and peace must come for Moher Earth to ascend - Why Galactic Federation of Light will now intervene - No ships cloaked now - Ascension can occur anytime between now and December 21 - Our responsibility to heal and to teach because we CAN -- Two important "must hear" channeled messages coming through Annette: September 14th with Archangel Michael; September 21st, with Elenan, a 12th level of 10th Dimension great Teacher from the University of Sirius - Will China be the first to experience Disclosure? - Neptune brings healing to many - How do we orient to our new 5D life? - Global Healing Pulse from Zorra, Council of 12 from Inner Earth; Council of 12 from Hollow Earth. - Billie returns, and WHERE has he been?? WHAT did he learn??? You'll love it!!

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