Monday, August 20, 2012

Hollow Earth Network Conference Call w/ Zorra 8/18

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Zorra returns via his son, Zaraya. Jane Stevens moderates. Why did Zaraya and Jane stay on the surface? Peter Olson explains. Zorra: Earth's Non-Interference Clause has been lifted as of August 4th; Disclossure now in hands of Galactic Federation of Light. Armadas of ships decloaking. You are hearing the truth here; no disinformation on this call. No guesswork. The Over Soul and our contracted Life Plan. I have been watching Hollow Earth Network and your confusion with disinformation; so I am back and will keep you on the right page. Will have a call EVERY Saturday, as things are moving very fast,. Disclosure coming on mass scale. How GFL will contact some and pick them up. About seismic activity, sea walls, etc. Gathering will still take place at end of 2012. Only Supreme Creator can change this. Mother Earth must expand and we must get out of the way. About Neptune and Elenin. Healing. Cabal on last legs. Area 51 is shut down. Where is last cabal stronghold? Zorra and Hollow Earth Council of 12 give Global Healing Pulse. When will Dinar RV? Where those staying at 3D will go. We all leave surface and go where? Post-Ascension Terra. Year 2013 or Year 1? HAARP?? "You were one of the High Priestess's." Steve's planned trip to Hollow Earth.

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