Monday, July 1, 2013

2012 Portal Intel: Cobra Interviews on Galactic Connection - Vital Planetary Situation Updates for May and June 2013

Some of the Topics Being Discussed:
* Summer Solistice and Supermoon Energies
* Turkey's Vortex - Last Hope of Cabal for Domination,
* Bilderberg Meeting,
* NSA Whistleblower and Global Awakening,
* Cabal Loses its Grip in China
* Dr Greer's Case,
* DNA & RNA Reversing Process,
* Mass Media Purification - Truth is Coming Out More and More
* Different Groups with Their Own Agendas for Control of the Financial System
* Private Army Companies like Blackwater etc Losing Their Power
* Positive Military Groups
* No Separation Between 3D Earth and 5D Earth - At Least Initially
* Release of Negative Emotions such as Anger etc.
* Reset of Financial System & Integration Before First Contact
* Karmic Overlords and Archons
* Amensia of Soul's Purpose, Implants and How to Deal With Them
* Nano-Technology & The Risks of Using It
* PrepareForChange.Net - New Website to Be Announced Soon

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